World-Class Orange river Wilderness Float Fishing Trips, Wildlife Viewing & Photography in the remote Northern cape province bordering Namibia. Rivers!  

Orange river River small and Largemouth Yellowfish.

Once in a life-time float fishing trips on the lower remote Orange river in the Northern cape province of South Africa. 

Fly fishing for Largemouth and small mouth Yellowfish or monster catfish and carp in the Orange river! 

Our Orange MULTI-DAY Fishing FLOAT TRIPS as well as our DAY & OVERNIGHT Fishing FLOAT TRIPS, will take you to fishing grounds off the beaten path and wilderness settings you have always imagined to experience in South Africa.

There are many ways to fish the Orange and large rivers but not all will let you see its mountains, rivers, plants and wildlife. Some take a tour bus, some visit by vehicle to fish on their own and participate in some outdoor activities.  There are, however, a few who wish to actually experience Lower Orange river Wilderness areas or the world-class sport fishing in an authentic and still undisturbed part of the continent.  

For those individuals, Catfish Joe's wilderness Fishing & Raft Adventures is exactly what they’ve been looking for. We specialize in “off the beaten path” tours and activities throughout the Orange river  Wilderness. By providing our guests with the best equipment, great food, and highly personable and experienced guides, we have defined ourselves as a high quality operator in South African wilderness river outdoor adventure. Don’t miss the opportunity to get the real mountain desert experience and see the Orange river that very little has seen, the way it is meant to be seen. Let us be your guide to memories that last a lifetime.

In our day & overnight float trips and multi-day float trips programs you will find the ability to catch an abundance of smallmouth and largemouth yellowfish, huge catfish and strong river carp amongst others.

We invite you to browse through and enjoy our website, where you hopefully get a glimps of the experiences that make us choose to fish and float only the most beautiful parts of the Orange river off the beaten path on the Namibian border.