The Lower Orange River Habitat

Leopard, Kudu, Rhebok, Klipspringers, River Otters, huge Leguanes, Fish Eagles, Giant Herons and other birds amongst others that find the green bushes along the river the only green areas in the otherwise longest mountain desert in the world. You will definitely enjoy your pristine wilderness adventure on the largest river in South Africa. All along the river there are short to long hiking trails that are inaccessible to others as well as world class mountain bike routes but most unknown by the general public. There are also potentially world class photographic opportunities if one books a photographic rafting trip or include it with a fly fishing or other raft adventure. The mountains change colour throughout the day due to the geological makeup. This mountain desert changes into most colours of the rainbow as the sun wades overhead during the course of the day.

Now also part of the Augrabies falls National Park certain sections are protected by law. The Orange river starts its journey in the northern border of Lesotho, also named Africa's mountain kingdom, and meanders southwards all the way through Lesotho and most parts of South Africa making it the largest catchment area in South Africa. (Ad were , through what towns , how long etc) We do private remote camping or make use of exclusive and luxury accommodation during the rafting trips. The choice is yours. You can also make use of a chopper to transport you to the fishing spots while staying in one of our exclusive lodges.