On fly fishing gear, the yellowfish is a truly indigenous South African fish species are worth its weight in gold in all aspects. Catfish Joe Productions is unique outfitters in our style of fishing in South Africa in that we designed rafts ‘ala Alaska’ drift boat method to fish for the two largest scale bearing fish in South Africa. Largemouth yellowfish of up to 30 pounds and smallmouth yellowfish of 16 pounds are the sizes you can hook into in our waters. We fish only in waters that allow for the best backdrops to be able to make your trip an unforgettable experience.

There are 6 yellowfish species to chose from in our product basket, all in unique surroundings.

“Catfish Joe Productions” was the first sponsor of the first yellowfish telemetry research in South Africa and is dedicated to the yellowfish conservation. If its gold you’re after ,..yellowfish is your species.