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Water temperature and fishing 2 Micro

Posted by Joe Lategan on Tuesday, November 9, 2010, In : Thermal characteristics and fishing conditions. 
Water temperature and fishing 2 micro.

Importance of understanding water temperature in fishing from an academicals point of view.
Just as temperature and its fluctuation is important for fish and aquatic invertebrates so is temperature naturally important for the angler. Why ? Well firstly because anything that causes the fish to stop biting concerns us so we need to know at least the basics of thermal stress. Too large fluctuations too soon up or down will immediately cause the fish to stop ...

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More spawning grounds after floods

Posted by Joe Lategan on Tuesday, November 2, 2010, In : Spawning conditions 
One of the many goods that follow major flood periods are the fact that the heavy down flows have washed enormous amounts of silt built up that started covering rocks or favorable spawning habitat away. The mudfish could already be seen spawning more prolific than the previous years and the largemouth yellowfish are feeding like mad as a result. Simularly will the smallmouths and no doubt the largemouths have more spawning habitat.Interesting times await us!
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