Fly fishing for other Yellowfish species.

Scaly (barbus natalensis), smallscale yellowfish (barbus polylepis), Clanwilliam yellowfish (barbus capensis), Largescale yellowfish (barbus marequensis), Sawfin (barbus serra), Whitefish (barbus andrewi) The Sawfin and Whitefish belong to a group in a district of their own and unlike  any other African barbine fishes and similar to the European barbells. These two Cape species are very similar but the whitefish has six branches rays in the anal fin and the sawfin 5.

 Then there‚Äôs the Upper Zambezi Yellowfish (barbus codringtonii)

Watch our videos on whitefish, Sawfin and Clanwiliam yellowfish.


Hardus with a very nice sized largescale yellowfish.

Smallscale yellowfish.